New Units.

Both English classes are moving forward with new units on different novel.

Grade 08 is reading Fahrenheit 451, while grade 09 is starting The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  If you were absent the day we checked books out, please make take time to visit the media center and catch up on the reading missed. Both units will move quickly and it’s pertinent to keep up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mr. Milburn

Semester Two.

After many hours of grading, we are officially at the start of Semester Two. For grade 08, business as usual as we start our unit on Fahrenheit 451. For grade 09, our class has new students and I look forward to getting to know new and familiar faces.

Important Announcement on Assignment Submission

Hello classes,

In my attempt to become a more “modern” educator, I am working on having you submit your papers and assessment digitally to a Google Classroom. This will allow me to give feedback in a few different modes, waste less paper, and stay even more organized.

Many of you are using this feature in other classes and are quite familiar with Google Classroom. However, in the upcoming week(s) I will be going over how I want you to submit your assignments moving forward. For now, please join the classroom. The image below will give you step-by-step instructions. The codes for each class will be emailed to you. Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.07.30 AM

Articles for Philosophical Chairs.

Grade 08:

The articles assigned Tuesday involving the gun control debate are linked below. Download and print these articles if you were absent, or lost your original copies. It is imperative to have these articles read for class on Monday (Jan.11) as we will be having a “Philosophical Chairs” debate.

NYT Gun Control Article – Yes , NYT Gun Control Article – No , Banning Handguns – Article , Will You Be Safer If Guns Are Banned – Article

For now,

William Milburn

Winter Break.

It’s pretty hard to believe that we are about to head into our Winter Break, but alas, we are a few hours away from the end of our 2015 school year.

This, my fifth year of teaching, has been one of my favorites so far and I am quite thankful for insightful, passionate and driven students. ISB continues  to exceeded my (high) expectations and I look forward to coming back in 2016 refreshed and ready for us to continue our discussions and delve into new content.

Please be safe and enjoy your break. Spend time with family, relax, and find a moment to read a darn book.

Happy Holidays,

Mr. Milburn



It was nice seeing my English classes today as I have not seen most of these students since before Thanksgiving break.

Students: Many of you have asked to meet with me to discuss your grade and improving your writing. Please let me know if you are not able to make our arranged meeting time!


Progress Reports.

Progress Reports were posted on Tuesday. Students: If you have questions or concerns regarding your current grade in class, please contact me via email (or stop by my classroom) so we can set up a time to meet and discuss your progress and your writing scores.

Grade 09: We are quickly finishing Odyssey.  Starting next week, we will transition into our unit on George Orwell’s Animal Farm. 

Grade 08: Make sure you are keeping up on the reading required out side of class. Your book club groups met yesterday and will meet again next week.

For now,

William Milburn


May we find peace.

The following passage is from our ISB Dragons Facebook page. I am incredibly proud of the mature and insightful response from our students. It makes teaching at ISB a true privilege.

“As ISB students, we learn through an international lens as thoughtful, compassionate world citizens. On Friday, our world was shattered with acts of terror. The attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad force us, as IB learners and compassionate world citizens, to evaluate how we will respond to these acts of violence. As ISB students and global citizens, it is our responsibility to respond to the events of Friday, the coming days, and the state of our world in a respectful and compassionate manner. We are saddened by the state of the world, but we will not let it divide us. Our school community is part of a greater world community, one with the ability to enact great change. As we progress through our weeks, let us remember to respond to the current state of our world in the same way we learn: as thoughtful, compassionate world citizens.”